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The first 3D museum in Sungai Lembing

When traveling, people look for various attractions that will enrich their experiences. One of them, which has appeared in recent years and is growing in popularity, are 3D museums.


The essence is the visualization of images, which optically creates the impression of three-dimensionality. Then it only depends on the idea of the motif and its processing, so that it looks as spatial as possible. Many of them are complemented by various props to increase the plasticity of the object. Various tricks are also used, such as placing pictures in the corner, on the floor, over vaults and other room shapes. All this, when cleverly processed, captures a more realistic impression. Creativity gets the right intensity so you can find various funny solutions. There are already several of them in the Czech Republic, but they are not so widespread yet, but we believe that more of them will emerge over time. The sense of humor and the national context will certainly bring many original ideas that may surpass the world level.

We checked the different 3D museums in the world and tried to visit some of them to share their ideas. From the varied offer, we focused on Asia, where you also wanted to check if this type of technology, including museums, even exists there. To our delight, we have found several, so we will bring some to you. One is located in the unobtrusive village of Sungai Lembing in Malaysia, which is about 4.5 hours by bus from Kuala Lumpur. It has only been around for two years, but it includes both individual ideas and the historical context of their region, especially the local mining or the popular attraction of the rainbow waterfall. In the photos you can see some selected 3D images from the museum. If you like it, you can include it in your plans for future travel, which will surely please your children as well.


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