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WARNING: This article should not be read by any doctor,  psychologist or therapist, especially those working in anti-alcohol institutions and hospitals. 

Thus, alcohol in the context of alcoholic beverages is ethanol (ethyl alcohol). Its use, for example, bio-fuels, food industry in the already mentioned alcoholic beverages - is perceived as a recreational drug, in cosmetics and especially in many reactions in organic synthesis. That is perhaps enough within the definition.

The question is how to survive without alcohol these days. It's easy to be an abstinent, but how do you do that? It's just that you will perceive the world around you soberly and that will crush you. Of course, alcoholic beverages do nothing on their own, but than any other drug, it has a positive effect on survival with far fewer consequences. It is necessary to perceive abstainers as sad and unhappy people, which of course does not guarantee a change in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, but in many cases there are much worse means of being happy.

Let's think about why there are problems with alcohol and try to objectively assess what level of alcoholism is permissible. The basic thing is to be in the senses, so if your intelligence gives you that, keep checking. Drinking in moderation is important and it is a well-known saying that peace is sometimes poorly sought. The basic lesson is the fact that if you have water on hand when drinking alcohol, it will always turn out better than without it. Just forcing yourself and drinking a pint of water at some point helps. The combination is also important. It is not good to drink shots at wine and if you drink a lot of wine it is good to have one beer at the end. However, not the other way around, ie when you drink beer, drink beer and do not mix it with wine. So hard alcohol shots can have very insidious effects. It may seem fine to you for a long time, but in the case of fast consumption, a quick collapse comes suddenly. 
If you have a problematic meeting or date and you want to have a drink for courage, then have it, but not two or three. Too much courage can ruin everything for you. You still have to feel that any level of alcohol in your blood changes your view of the world around you and this may not be in line with your interests.
It is clearly true that alcohol is not behind the wheel. Any driver can think what he wants and feel the best, but alcohol puts you in a state where your reactions slow down or speed up, and that's bad, because driving is all about the perception of the surroundings and that's why there are so many deaths and injuries. . It's just never just about you and how you can turn the wheel or what kind of car you have, but it's about whether you evaluate the situation correctly and react correctly, and alcohol definitely doesn't belong in this process. 

Cimrman's acting ten: Even a drunk will play better sober.
Of course, some people should not drink alcohol at all or there is really little. First of all, patients (liver, diabetes, etc.), but who, in combination with alcohol, do not manage their emotions and are aggressive. It is necessary to protect children from alcohol without discussion, and alcoholic beverages should definitely not be consumed in the presence of children. Of course, the drinking of young people is problematic, but let's admit that whoever wants how they want can moralize, but who hasn't gotten drunk in 15/16 years?
The approach of anti-alcohol hospitals should also be considered. The rigorous and consistent process that leads the patient to absolute abstinence is often reversed. Thus, it might be worth considering that the therapy also includes theoretical training on how to consume alcoholic beverages.
A reasonable level of alcohol consumption is very individual, because everyone can take something different and also depends on the individual's condition at a given time. There is a big difference in the effect of alcohol on the body if a person does not get enough sleep, if he has a hard job, if he does not eat, or if he has a major mental problem. 
As the band Alkohol sings "sometimes you overdo it and get drunk in a pub", yes it happens. Keep in mind that if you exceed your level, you are exposed to several risks. At first, your behavior can make you smile, and then you may be embarrassed. What's worse is that under the influence of alcohol, you can say something you didn't even think about, and then you have to apologize. But the crucial thing is that if you overdo it, you don't really have anything from the whole party, or you just have shards left and after waking up you're sick. So basically wasted money for a lousy experience. Last but not least, drunkenness can significantly impair your sex experience. When it all comes together at once, as mentioned, shame awaits you, because "smartphones" today can handle everything in a few seconds and you are immediately on Facebook, etc., you will apologize for your words, it will cost you a lot of money and you will be sick. .

It is important to mention that whatever it is that the one who drinks beer, smokes and drives contributes more to the state than the one who is an abstinent, a non-smoker and a cyclist.  Excise duty is one of the principles of state revenue, and as you know, every government is one of the few that can increase this tax! 

This article is certainly not intended to promote alcoholism. It's an attempt at a different perspective. These videos are to illustrate the topic and everything is designed so that it is understood with a certain perspective and humor. Who knows it, he knows it and who doesn't know it maybe he knows it… Let everyone think what they want and especially let them do what they want :-) Maybe abstainers live longer, but everyone has to die that's the only guarantee of everyone from birth. The only thing left is experiences, and whether sober or drunk, no one will simply take away your experiences.  

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