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White fish, whitefish is a fishing term that can refer to different species of fish.
I have also noted the radical view that whites do not actually exist. It is an incorrect name and incomprehensible to real fishermen. So I don't even know exactly what I caught processed, ate and ate. Suppose these were the fish:
The common roach (Rutilus rutilus; L., 1758) is an unhealthy freshwater ray-finned fish from the carp family (Cyprinidae). In the Czech Republic, it is considered a so-called weed fish, for which there is no minimum fishing rate by law. It is traditionally quite abundant in the Czech Republic. This fish is an integral part of the food chain. It serves as food for predators.

So we have 7  fish and let's go. I found the recipe and proceeded as best I could.
I will try to describe everything in detail, because I often grope for some recipes and think about what the author wanted to say. I know "reasonably, reasonably" and then the work succeeds, but how much does it weigh or what is the volume "reasonably"? :-)

Costs: approx. CZK 80 (if you catch fish and have a glass at home)

Preparation time: 14 days (working time approx. 2 hours)

7 fish (30cm / 0.5kg)
Salt 0.4 kg
Sugar 0.1 kg
Vinegar 1l
Celery, carrots, parsley
4 onions
Glass with cap
2 bay leaves
3 balls of new spices
5 balls of whole pepper
A teaspoon of thyme

Bělice Plotice
Bělice Plotice
vykošťování bělic

- After catching, I gently killed the fish, gutted it, cleaned of scales and washed in drinking water. I followed the steps.

4/21/2019 11:00 AM
- The fish is loaded into brine (200g salt + 1l water) for 3 days. Then they get out, wash.

4/24/2019 9:30 AM
- Then pour very strong vinegar brine (0.5 l vinegar + water). They are left completely submerged for another 4 days.

28.4. 22:00
  We take out the fish, wash them again, pull out the spine and with it the soft rib bones with the tail fins. We tear off the abdominal and anal fins. It cleanses and removes skin. This part is the hardest. In our case, we were left with 7  fish 0.5 Kg of pure meat.
We will prepare a pickle. Put one sliced carrot, a quarter of celery, half a parsley and one sliced onion in a pot with 0.5 l of water. Bring to a boil and cook for about 10 minutes. We take out the cooked vegetables and cut them into small cubes and leave them sideways in a bowl. Add 0.5 l of vinegar and a tablespoon of salt and sugar to a pot of vegetable broth and let it cook for another 10 minutes. You can taste the temptation as you wish, or we can experiment.
Cut 3 fresh onions in a bowl with boiled vegetables. We fold the meat into jars, line it with vegetables and spices and water it with brine. We can load the meat so that it is well submerged. We leave everything loaded for at least 7 days.

5/5/2019 9:00 PM
- We can consume. Let's serve with bread. It's delicious, the meat is tender and goes well with vegetables. The problem is that the final pickle was probably designed for more content and overall it's pretty "sharp", so less vinegar.

What, I'll do it and I won't do it the second time :-)
Definitely more fish. I bought a 2.5L glass and 15 fish will be needed to make it full. Next I will "save" a little vinegar. The result is a little sharper for my taste, but I believe it is an individual assessment. Furthermore, I will not put sulfur onion into the final process, the one that boils with vegetables is enough. I cut the vegetables into smaller pieces. I will probably also omit thyme, either I put it there a lot or it just doesn't suit me, but it's also a question of each person's individual taste. I will also consider slicing the fish meat before final loading, but more for aesthetic reasons of the final product on the plate.

Review: Just a few notes on  referred to in that Article. After catching, gutting and cleaning any fish, salt them properly and leave them like this  closed container in  refrigerator - just salt any brine. Every day just drain the water you meat from  fish releases. Leave them like this for at least 3 days, but also for a week. Then rinse the fish thoroughly in cold water and add to the vinegar for at least 3 days. Then rinse the fish thoroughly again, comfortably removing the skin and boning. Then you have a semi-finished product ready and you can load whatever you can think of and what you like. Whether you put them in oil or in brine (like cucumbers) with  onions and root vegetables, you can add any herbs if you have from the garden or spices, peppers, dill just make your mixle in  pixels according to your own possibilities and tastes and  leave it in a glass for at least 10 days. You can then consume or use the resulting product as a semi-finished product and create a salad with  mayonnaise or jam. 

naložené maso z bělice

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