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Do you travel and like to discover new places? Do you relax by the waves of the ocean or get to know ancient monuments? We have tips for you that can save you time, energy and money.  On many global and domestic websites and social networks, you will find more than a lot of ads and articles that advise or recommend what you need to do on the go and where to look. That's all well and good, but often mistakes are made and people are disappointed with the promised experiences, but that's why we try to advise on what not to do and what to look out for.

Trips, events and attractions
Do not try to book everything in advance if you have secured accommodation and transport. Just have it packed and you're off. Arrange trips or events and attractions at your place of residence there. It will often be cheaper and you will choose better because you are already in the atmosphere of the destination. It is important that both the texts and photos on the brochures and on the Internet may seem beautiful, enticing and exciting, but the reality may be different. It should also be borne in mind that each promotional tool is curtailed by the contractually agreed partners. Therefore, if there are four amusement parks in place, you will know and possibly only subscribe to one. It may be the biggest and there will be the most attractions, but on the spot you will find that it was more hell than fun and in the place you will find a smaller park where you can really enjoy it for half the price.


However, the above does not always apply. Some experiences must be booked in advance because everything is full and during the stay the capacity may be so busy that it will not reach you. A beautiful example is the entrance to the tallest building in the world BURJ CHALIFA (828 m) in Dubai, interactive meetings with dolphins, etc. Then you can also experience peculiarities when you can not book anything in advance and buy tickets for free time and have to wait. An example is a visit to the Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur. Also, don't be afraid to make your own trip. From each travel agency you will receive a list of trips in that location with the appropriate price list. Whether you are preparing at home or you find out everything on the spot, we can definitely recommend a trip outside the travel agency. Although you will lose the guide, you will experience the pleasant feeling of the traveler and the discoverer, and in addition you will take away many experiences and photos from your expedition without being like a "sheep" with a group of tourists. 

If your trip or vacation is not organized by a travel agency and you are going on a trip on your own, one of the first things you will deal with are air tickets. Recommendations from friends and acquaintances where you have to buy a ticket may not always be 100%, even though it was well thought out. It's really wise to do a little "work" and check out more options when searching for a ticket, and if you don't know it, we definitely recommend searching for your flight at
If the date does not limit you, be sure to look at your flight on the days before and after your departure date. It happens regularly that the ticket you want for tomorrow is several thousand cheaper the day after tomorrow. The point is that low-cost airlines in particular do events as well as, for example, supermarkets, and when they have 70% full capacity for a given date, the rest of the tickets are sometimes cheaper to have the flight fully occupied. Sometimes they are classic promotions that try to promote the airline in the competition or launch a new brand. However, be careful about that, because the fact that you flew with the company last year at an unbeatable price can be completely different this year. Just spending time searching for and verifying tickets pays off.


Last but very important recommendation regarding tickets. NEVER buy tickets to longer destinations with a transfer from two different companies, which is done by the classic Czech internet ticket search engine KIWI, which combines the two cheapest routes, and thus it looks attractive in terms of price, but it has a lot of problems. When the first flight is delayed or canceled, the connection automatically drops and your travel destination is fundamentally disrupted or even eliminated. It is quite common for people to stay at the airport overnight and have to buy new tickets that no one will reimburse them.

Never change money at airports, because the exchange rate is significantly more expensive than in the city. If you want to exchange money, it is always better to go to the bank. Otherwise, we can recommend using mainly trusted ATMs (ATM at the bank) - you will not get a better exchange rate. Always withdraw from ATMs only in the local currency. You choose the appropriate amount in the currency you need and believe that when you look at your account at home, how much was deducted from your ATM shift and you remember how much it cost you, for example, in an exchange office, you can be very surprised. Also, make sure that you always have the appropriate amount in your local currency. For USD or EUR, of course, you can have lemonade at a bar, for example in Egypt, but the price will be "strict".

Credit cards

Czech banks have a bit of a problem. Especially when it comes to all sorts of fees
associated with the use of the card on the road, so banks try to burden withdrawals and payments with more or less hidden fees. Like it or not, we live in a global world that allows us to choose from the best of it. Therefore, you do not have to limit yourself to banking services in the Czech Republic either. It is not a problem to get an account with a German bank without leaving your home, it is not a problem to get a card intended for payments and withdrawals completely free of charge and with the best possible exchange rates.