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They can steal your car, wallet, suitcase, etc., but no one will take away your experience!
Travelogues, reports, excursions to museums, discovering interesting places and photographs.
We have the perfect tips for your experiences. 

In the Czech Republic you can visit castles, chateaux, their ruins, hiking trails, rocks, abysses, museums, amateur performances, fairs, craft demonstrations, meetings of veterans and selected car brands, exhibitions, experience escape games, cultural and social events organized by the city or municipalities and various other regional practices. These include, for example, blueberry, vintage, wine-harvesting, sausage-harvesting, goulash-harvesting, uniforming, neckyadas or river rafting, simulations of war battles, holding records and competition disciplines, fichtlfest, traktorfest and many other interesting things. 

We want to bring about them reports that can be passively informative for you or, conversely, they can be used as inspiration for where to go on a trip, either alone, with friends, partner or the whole family, ie to entice enthusiasts who like experiences. We also identify interesting places, events and topics about what is appropriate to inform about, so we always visit the personally chosen destination, take photos, do an interview and process it into a report. Of course, we do not know all the possibilities available during the year, especially those regional specific events, so we welcome when readers write us suggestions about what is happening or what can be seen in their surroundings and we will go there to write about it. . 

By analogy, it is possible to travel the world and enjoy culturally different experiences, visit interesting places, monuments and local specifics. Again, we visit selected destinations from which we process reports, but readers have the opportunity to write us inspiring options. In addition to what we have already visited, we will bring you a notice of where we are going, including sightseeing expeditions outside Europe. If someone would like to join us, it will be possible. We have many options that can be used and everyone will be able to choose according to what they enjoy. 

We will also inform you in advance about selected events, ie where, when and what takes place, so you can consider whether it is also a suitable form for experiences with your loved ones or with someone from the local travel community.

We look forward to your feedback and active cooperation with the organizers and individuals who will contribute to the development of the experience. Our website can be an integrated information well for experience enthusiasts, and in addition, they interconnect them. We are happy to do media support for individual subjects, so feel free to write suggestions and agree on the next steps. Together, we will spread awareness about specific opportunities for gaining experience.

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