Fichtlfest 2020
Although travel abroad is still limited in some way
(in the context of 2020), it is all the more possible to take advantage of domestic opportunities to gain experience and entertainment. One of the options was
  2020, which took place in Horka nad Moravou.

Fichtlfest úvodní fotgrafie k článku

The combination of fun, competitiveness, motoring and fun was the ideal combination of this event. The basis was the organization of the seventh annual race of historic motorcycles brands Jawa Pionýr, Babeta and moped Stadium. Based on this, four categories of races were determined, ie the first only Babety, the second only mopeds Stadium, the third only Jawa Pionýr or Mustang and the fourth modified specials. The last of them consisted of variously modified machines on the engine, design, disguised or in a curious design.

The event began with the official announcement of the organizers into the microphone, while the entire area of the football field was well sounded acoustic. After welcoming the participants and spectators, the program, local sponsors and the announcement of a fun ride were introduced. This led along a set race track, which the organizers chose part of the village, and the start was from the football field, but the finish on the plain outside it.

At the appointed time, each competitor put on his helmet, started their machines with more or less difficulty and set off on a sleepy ride on the race track, thus getting acquainted with it. The mass departure was an interesting experience for spectators and children, as the difficulty of starting and the show of all machines finally showed in its diversity. In addition, according to the rules, some took advantage of the invitation to participate in some disguise, which added a charm to the fun.

The race of individual categories was staggered so that even the slower ones could return to the finish line and thus ensure safe clearing of the track. Although it was a small volume, the riders deliberately showed ostentatiously lying down to visually express the reduced air resistance affecting acceleration. Similarly, they performed various grimaces, which entertained the audience and children.

The breaks between the race categories were filled with music by a local DJ. There was also a rich selection of refreshments, bouncy castles for children, face painting, so the fun was really taken care of. For the first three competitors in each category, the organizers prepared material prizes and a T-shirt with the theme of the event. The bonus was also a reward for selected three best masks of competitors.

An add-on was also a sales stand with T-shirts, where the motif was Jawa Pionýr alias "Fichtl", Jawa Mustang and moped Stadion alias "Kozí dech". With regard to the appropriate topics for the event, there was great interest in them. Great program, competitive competition, curious masks and nice weather have created great fun and experiences, which can be a good inspiration to visit the event again next year.