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FOR MODEL 2022 - report

On Friday 18.3. At 9:00 pm, the Interactive Exhibition of Models, Collectibles, Digital Technologies, Games, Toys and Kits, For Model 2022, was launched at 9:00 am. The jubilee 20th year of the For Model exhibition attracted the most visitors in the history of this event. Over 15,000 people arrived in three days.


Our reporter, who took an active part in the exhibition, evaluated his immediate experience with the words "the exhibition is nice, interesting and action-packed". Sometimes he felt like he was at a train station, a construction site, or a car race. The speakers regularly heard ongoing information about events such as demonstrations of RC models at a certain time, etc. Of course, the children enjoyed it the most, but the adult exhibition was also very interesting, so under the slogan "become a child and please children", was for the whole event For Model 2022 great atmosphere.

More than a hundred exhibitors, collectors and sellers offered their services, presentation, goods and thanks to that there was always something to look at. You were also able to actively participate in many presentations, which of course pleased the most children. 

Large motorways provided permanent races, and rail transport was driven by many young drivers during the exhibition. Regarding train models, it is necessary to mention that a small train also rode on the tracks at the For Model 2022 exhibition, which carried children and sometimes even a sitting mother with a child on her lap, and in front of the pavilion the children rode in an ancient tram model. 

You could see and see in action functional models of airplanes, tanks, submarines, ships, cars, construction machinery, garden and modular railways. The large pool provided enough space for demonstration of historic, modern, rescue and warships, and there were also submarines that actually managed to sink below the surface. Robotics, drones, various collections and puppets made in a 3D printer also had their place at the event.

Three children's puppet theaters, including selected puppets over 100 years old, were exhibited with a unique artefact. Although their condition corresponded to noticeable wear and tear, they radiated an amazing cultural and toy heritage of the then craftsmen.

You could also indulge in brain training while viewing the exhibition. LEU Brain Stimulator is a fun and exciting game with great pedagogical value. The brain and IQ test is designed  for people from 4 to 104 years. A total of 960 different 2D and 3D tasks in 10 consecutive difficulty levels provide fun and stimulate the brain in different ways. The game has an incredible 404,653 thousand solution options.

LEU Brain Stimulator.JPG

There were also cinema projectors on display, both for home use and one real one from the cinema. It is sometimes used today in multiplex cinemas in case an old film is to be shown. During our report, they screened the film "Under the Dachshund Rock" with Tomáš Holý. 

The last type of 35 mm projector, which was manufactured in Meopta Přerov. It was equipped with a projection lamp H1 for lamps up to 1600 W, digital i  an analog Dolby Red Block sound driver, and a manually adjustable holder for three format adapters. The electronic equipment, mainly from Siemens, allowed additional programming of individual functions with regard to the type of cinema in which it was to be operated.


The Department of Technical and Information Technology, Faculty of Education, Palacký University in Olomouc presented mobile control robots and their obstacle races. There were two types. One was built from the Lego Mindstorms, the other according to its own design from a 3D printer. The time was 5 minutes and 3 racers with three mobile cars had to go as many laps with obstacles. The department sponsors Miele and TS Bohemia.

Royal Charles (1655)

From an interview with a ship modeler who created a large historical ship, we learned that working on the Royal Charles model (1655) took him 3 years of work, according to his own drawings at a scale of 1:30. He solved everything according to the size of his car, so that it could fit there for transport after exhibitions. When a ship is transported home or to an exhibition, it must be dismantled into a hull and masts. The material used plywood and spruce moldings for the production, and for small details such as statuettes or gilded reliefs, he used modurite, which was then fired and painted. The ship has 102 guns, of which 20 are functional, so they can be fired at gunpowder using a remote control. Inside is an auxiliary electric motor that powers the ship. It weighs a total of 32 kg and has to be loaded with 13 kg for stability, otherwise it would overturn when the wind blows.

Throughout the exhibition, you could watch the simulation of the construction site and the functional models of the excavators in the "workload",  bulldozers, trucks, etc. Of course, there were aircraft. The radio show on the radio included fighters,  powder bumblebees, gliders, biplanes, triplanes, helicopters, but also rockets. Undoubtedly, stalls with models of metal and plastic kits or throwing planes also had their place at the exhibition. Also interesting was the exhibition of Czech toys from the 70's and 80's and paper models built for illustration. The exhibition of virgins, prams and pedal cars attracted the smallest and many adults, especially fathers and grandfathers admired a functional and accurate replica of the most famous Skoda 110 RS from Monte Carlo 1977. Nice and sophisticated car models were everywhere from military, transport to civilian to F1 cars.

The exhibition also included a stand thematically focused on firefighting, so visitors could view photos, models, technical documents and related artifacts. In addition, it was possible to have professional conversations with the people at the stand, as they are not only enthusiasts, but also representatives of the Fire Museum in Ostrava.

A section with brushes, paints and also modeling was set up for young sculptors and painters. There was also a five-meter sailboat on display. The half-ton unique has no equivalent in the Czech Republic and was the dominant feature of the For Model 2022 exhibition. The outdoor exhibition was dedicated to contemporary military and rescue equipment of the Czech Armed Forces. Booths with supplies for modellers satisfied many fans and you could also buy a T-shirt with the Tatra or Jawa logo, books on aircraft and military equipment or lamps, flags, knives, binoculars, etc. in the Army shop
. where the visitor could either buy an existing one or have a mug made with the chosen photo, image or sign according to his own idea.

The door to this great event closed on Sunday, March 20th. 2022 at 17:00 and all visitors, exhibitors and  The organizers are looking forward to  next year.



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