A special national gathering of historical events
škodovek unites enthusiasts of the czech brand who have arrived at the agreed place with their tin darlings.


The traditional event takes place at the Žralok campsite in Plumlov, where it is an ideal base for such purposes. On the one hand, there is a large beach where you can park a large number of cars, at the same time there are cottages where participants stay at affordable prices, shared bathroom facilities, a restaurant with outdoor seating and an asphalt area for competitions. The rich program guarantees entertainment for both car owners and their crews, but also for the general public, who come to see what cars have arrived there. 

Immediately upon arrival, there is a counter with a stand at the entrance gate, where the participants of the event register and receive a serial number to evaluate the statistics. Everyone can choose two options, ie whether to register with participation in the race or just to enter the meeting without participating in the race. The first option gives you the opportunity to win some interesting prizes.

As the place in the camp gradually fills with arriving cars, it creates an amazing atmosphere that everyone enjoys. Some meet familiar faces from previous meetings, others talk even though they do not know each other because they are united by the same passion. There are usually three categories of vehicles: 1) preserved as the original, 2) modified in tuning, 3) recession, ie with additional funny equipment such as a bale of straw, sledges or pitchforks on the roof, etc. 

A podium is built next to the front cottages, where the organizers welcome the meeting participants into the microphone and introduce them to the weekend program. As soon as it gets dark, a live band starts playing on stage, which makes everyone have a great time. When they have finished the prepared repertoire, the disco continues until fatigue wins and goes to bed.

Registration continues the next morning, as some may not arrive until Saturday. At 10:30, an orienteering race starts, in which the crew completes the prepared route and performs various tasks. Every stray means not only a delay, but also the risk of missing the place where a task is to be performed, thus unnecessarily losing points that may be missing in the overall evaluation. After completing the entire route, the crews return to the camp, where they submit a completed form for evaluation. As the individual crews arrive, the organizers have time to check and score points. 

When everyone finishes, the next part of the program begins, which is slalom. Cones are placed on the paved area, which define the route to go. For a better imagination, one of the organizers goes through it, which clearly shows everyone where to go. Slalom has simple rules, on the one hand it measures time and at the same time the number of knocked cones. In case someone knocks down a cone, 5 seconds is added to the total time for each dropped cone. The winner is, of course, the one who has the fastest total time, each with two attempts. Usually, the first pass is for orientation and training, so that almost everyone improves on the second pass.

After the slalom, most cars line up at the exit of the camp, as they set off on a fun ride, the destination of which is on the square in Prostějov. Along the way, a column of Skoda attracts the attention of the inhabitants and many of them wave with a smile. Upon their return, everyone will park either at their cottage or at the tent. The moderator convenes the participants of the meeting in a covered tent in front of the podium, where the winners are announced, ie the first three from the orienteering race and then from the slalom. In addition, the winner of the selected category is determined as the farthest participant or the most beautiful car. 

Then most people rest and prepare something good for dinner. As it gets dark, the evening program begins with music, with participants enjoying the musical atmosphere, some dancing and others driving in front of the stage. With increasing time, they go to a well-deserved sleep. On Sunday morning, the participants pack up after breakfast and slowly leave for various parts of the Czech Republic. All visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the motoring experience, which is a challenge to come again in the future. 


Editor's note:  The 5th HANÁCKÉ ŠKODA SRAZ 2022 takes place on Saturday, June 25, 2022, starting at 7:00. The venue is traditionally the same Plumlov - camp Žralok, Olomouc region.

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