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A general, simple insight into the security risks within the Internet, but also how the Internet can help you

and how good it is to understand the meaning of internet functions. 


Relationships and virtual communication on the Internet - Facebook, Instagram, various online games, etc ..

I'm not saying at all that I will be the first to write about it, but by meeting it over and over again, so

it probably makes sense to write about it.
So I would start with the media, especially the Internet. If you have access to your partner's Facebook account or e-mail, it is certainly either a sign of absolute trust or insufficient protection from the user. Of course, there are x ways to get these approaches. In general, one could say that whoever wants to go, where they get to, only depends on how much they want to spend.
  Keep in mind that it is quite understandable that certain "secrets" of your partner are of interest to you. In most cases, it is better to ask than to invade privacy. In any case, it is especially important to be able to understand / work with the information you have obtained in any way.
The problem is, when you get a third-party (non-bank) account on the Internet, what you get. First of all, it should be mentioned that all written communication is very misleading. I will give just one example that defines it - "How are you, darling?" "I'm fine, what about you princess?" - What's the matter?
  Like it or not, nothing comes of it. The two can have everything as well as nothing at all. Simply reading a similar communication cannot lead you to a reasonable response, and on the contrary, it is usually the cause of a completely meaningless conflict or breakup.

Emails, passwords, spam, viruses…


I declare that there is no universal truth in Internet security. The Internet is constantly evolving and what applies today may not apply tomorrow. However, there are many things to avoid, and the rule is that if you are careful and do not go against your own will, a lot of bad things about the Internet will not happen to you. The basic point of a normal user is email. They want your e-mail in every registration, you communicate through it (family, friends, customers, clients, shops, etc.). What the password should look like has already been described by Xx and everywhere it is, it should have more than 8 characters, lowercase, uppercase, numbers. However, even if you have a "secure" password, be careful not to save it as a permanent login when logging in. Often people do this by mistake, but a lot of people find it easier to access so that they don't have to remember their password and enter it every time they log in. Yes, I understand that no one has access to your mobile phone, laptop, PC, but are you sure that you will never rent it or leave it switched on unattended? Anyone who wants to hurt you only needs a few minutes to find out, see what he needs or have forwarded something to him and could investigate. I assure you that no special expertise is required. Also understand that everything about your communication is a chain of events. So it's not just about how you communicate and navigate the Internet, but also about the people you chat with. This means that if someone you communicate with shares their address book as part of some "bad application", it means that the contact has that application as well and will annoy you.


On the Internet you get many questions: download, continue, more, get, finish / download, continue, more, get, finish… 
They can offer you, for example, victory, protection, more content (videos / photos / text) that you want.
If you are not 100% sure where you are and what will happen, never click YES or YES or OK. If it is still active, turn off the Internet web browser or restart the computer. This avoids many problems, such as running processes since you turned on your computer that you don't even know about and that slow down your computer, changes to your home page settings, or worse, can force you to reinstall your computer. You also run the risk of downloading a tracking virus that will send information about your activities on the Internet and within your computer.


We will not deal with downloading porn or games, however the rules below also apply to this content. The ability to download movies and music has been a commonly available service in many places on the Internet for more than 10 years. Just enter the name of the desired movie, show or song + download or downloads into the search engine (preferably on and a menu will appear in the results. Choose a booth that you will understand and recommend where they offer paid download services. What is too easy to download is suspicious and you are more likely not to download the required content, but to get a virus or application that will bother you. For paid sites, you can also download the required content for free, only you will have to take more steps and wait longer. If you are not in a hurry, it is a problem-free service. For example, if they give you a movie that is too late in the evening, you can download it in the morning, and if you come home from work, you have a movie ready you can watch it at any time and your viewing will not be interrupted. By connecting a laptop or external HDD to your TV, you can then achieve the absolute effect of watching the desired movie.

Website and your presentation on the Internet

Times have changed, and as development progresses in all areas, so have the technologies and presentation capabilities of the Internet. However, the basic rules still apply, and by expanding the possibilities, mistakes are being made. The use of Facebook presentation options is a common mistake. By setting up a page on Facebook, you will ensure basic promotion, but even though you will do it consistently, you will primarily address your acquaintances and friends. Investing in paid promotion of your Facebook pages will allow you to achieve advertising outside the circle of your friends, but due to the meaning of Facebook, this method makes sense especially for products or for banking and non-banking services, dating, etc. However, nothing against Facebook profile on this social network it is now an essential part of proper internet promotion. However, the most important thing remains the optimized and properly designed website. That is, a website on its own domain. In this sense, development has also come a long way, and to create a professional website, you no longer need to spend tens of thousands and hire companies where you pay a lot of money for preliminary analyzes and subsequent adjustments. However, it is still true that nothing is free if it is to be right and to ensure that the website that presents you or your business meets your expectations. Proper optimization and comprehensive customization for all browsers and devices (mobile phones, tablets) is an important condition for the proper functioning of your website.  If you have a lack of knowledge in the field with someone who understands this, it is always worthwhile to agree. In this regard, it is a simple lesson to write: "you use e-mail, you have a Facebook profile, you play games and you can download a tp movie, but that doesn't mean you can make a website." Of course, the goal of this statement is not to underestimate anyone, but you will have to worry, you will have to absorb a lot of information and the trial and error procedure can make everything more expensive for you and the result may not be right anyway.


Today, a mobile phone is an integral part of the Internet. With the advent of "smart" mobile phones, communication on social networks, sharing of photos and videos became widespread. Everything and everywhere is photographed and filmed, and dependence on mobile applications has increased enormously. It is common today to see a person staring at a mobile phone and not perceiving his surroundings. The need for personal contact is disappearing, because a lot of communication takes place so-called online. There is no point in commenting on this development, it is simply a fact that is driven by technological progress. However, the rule is that in this case, the mobile phone should serve you, not serve you. Being able to turn off the phone, mute the sound, set it offline, etc. also has its charm and it opens up new possibilities for life :-) 



An online store or e-shop can be purchased quite easily and cheaply today. There are many companies that rent you a template where you can conveniently enter goods and process orders. If you hire a professional company and have your online store programmed, it will definitely cost you tens of thousands and the subsequent adjustments that result from the operation will double the entry amount.
However, the basic condition for the viability of operating an online store is not the web application itself.
  The most important thing is the goods you want suppliers to sell. It is best to obtain the goods directly from the manufacturer and have an exclusive representation for online sales. If you are taking goods from wholesalers, be aware that this is how anyone can do it and you are entering the realm of endless competition.
Then the logistics await you, so you accept the order, you should check it by phone to agree with the customer on delivery and also to make sure that it is not "fun".
  You can also agree to supplement the order with additional goods by suitable communication with the customer. Subsequently, you must pack the ordered goods, followed by distribution and shipping. The best distribution company is Česká pošta, mainly because it allows the customer the widest range of delivery options. It is very good if part of your online sales is a classic store, even if only as a collection point for orders with personal collection.
Various legal conditions, regulations and ordinances are also associated with the operation of an online store. In this sense, the most important thing is probably to have a well-secured complaint handling mechanism.
At the end of this topic, it should be mentioned that if you do not reach for goods that are unique and you only have them, you must do advertising campaigns, especially on Google search engines, List. The right advertising campaign can help you sell and make money. A bad advertising campaign is an unnecessary investment that can cost you so much.

This article will be continued soon.


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