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Elevation 13 is a secret fishing place. Those who know - know, those who do not, want to know Dimension 13. Admittedly, we admit that we were inspired to choose the name of the place in Dimension 13 by the film "Sveraz national fishing". The conditions in Dimension 13 are indeed peculiar and have their own rules. The basic rules are to have enough beer, rum and keep the fire going. Dimension 13 is under the firm guidance of a pair of LU / LU men. Real boys' entertainment is also associated with the feminine element, but at Kota 13 we focus mainly on fish. We have quality and cheap equipment, we can handle everything and figure out how to throw, tie up and catch. We laugh a little when we see sad fishermen with equipment for "hundreds of thousands". Of course we wish everyone everything, but the main thing is when our rods bend :-)

DIMENSIONS 13 - 2021

Elevation 2021 brings a major turning point in fishing. The era of large carp began and tench also appeared and perch can be caught. There are also plenty of bream and roach, but pike and zander are lost somewhere.
An important new lesson is that it's better to have an apple than a bun - in general, just don't take buns :-)
My colleague and I also came to the conclusion that from a certain hour onwards, the fish held a meeting and agreed on a procedure. They're waiting for us to go to bed. As soon as the music turns off and the fire enters the maintenance model and they start, and sometimes it lasts until half-hours with half-hour breaks. We also believe that fish have their school for tying knots, because sometimes it is such a tangle that reason remains the state.
The table was painted beautifully, the benches were painted and the toils were hardened and it smelled like a brothel. We have heavenly flushing - just when it rains our urinal is clean :-)
Dimensioning 2021 did not start until the autumn, so no great heat, however, fire, beer, rum and now also gin and it was general well-being :-)


As everyone who reports to the fishing people knows, it is not important for the fisherman to catch the fish, but to pull it out. How many torn hooks are in the waters certainly cannot be counted. However, he probably gets the most annoyed when it all gets really messed up and he doesn't want to have to tie it up. A "funny" incident also happened when the carp was pulled out as once as many times - a decent three-kilo. I did not use the landing net pulled him ashore took out his hook turned to straighten the rod and before I turned back the carp threw himself into the water and was in… :-)

A colleague somehow around five o'clock in the morning got an alarm from the "beeps" why, but both at once? So he took the first rod and took it. Nothing absolute strength, as if, you threw a rod into a tree. So he released the reel and it began to spin. What, can it be there? He had carp boilies there. The reel is spinning, and he's trying to get here and there. Eventually, he loosens everything and pulls out a two-pound, heavily bitten carp. There is no doubt that a catfish caught on his carp just that it just had no way. He pulled out a nice four-kilo carp on the second rod, gave him a shot and waited for the sun to rise. It was raining wonderfully and the wind was blowing just beautiful morning.

More than interesting, one day there was a surprise in the form of a catfish caught on a carp rod. Nothing took that day, as sometimes happens. Jan and I both throw pieces of dough on a hook and watch him float on the surface. Suddenly a knock, a knock - ok I straighten the line if it happens to be chopped.  And I cut it and I pull. I'm expecting a little bleach so I can throw a second rod at the pike or zander. But the rod bent so much that I was afraid it would break. Fortunately, it was all close to the shore, otherwise it would definitely break. I put down my rod and hoped it wouldn't wash away, and I quickly ran down to the landing net and began to pull carefully. I got it and watched like crazy. Decent catfish - I certainly caught a whitefish and he then caught my caught whitefish and that's why I pulled a catfish here :-)

Another peculiarity of Dimension 13 is the bed fish. It's just that you have to drive a willow pole into the flowerbed and tie a rope on it and throw a fish. You come in the morning and you have Pike and when the train leaves at 8:30 you have Pike :-) It's a beautiful morning with a fish you don't expect and when it happens again, it's even more beautiful. In any case, the most important is the jingle, which has managed the most so far, but you have to tie it when you are not with it, otherwise you would lose everything. One incident that happened was more than happy. We pulled Pike and when the rig bit in the landing net, if he did it about a minute ago, we don't have him.   It all sounds a little weird, but who knows, he knows, so it just goes to Dimension 13.

Dimensions and instructions for Dimension 13

- When you go out and you're in trouble, don't forget that your door is locked. When the beeps wake you up at 3 in the morning, you can get hurt :-)
- Everything has to be tied and anchored!
- When pulling a fish, you need to cough on your cell phone.
- When the heat is great, the beer cellarmaster is best.
- Bag 99 fits the bucket best.
- Each of us must manage a cultivated rest.
- For the right experience, you need a rod, a cart, a two-pointed toaster and a small tin basket.

- If a woman, only a drummer!  

Poetry of Kota 13
You catch a small fish and take a teapot. You fill the tray and put a fish there. Then you have a drink and take a fish. You throw a bell and you have CANDATE. Why the diminutives? Because otherwise it wouldn't rhyme :-)

Life in the bath
Imagine you are a fish. Your future in the Dimension 13 bathtub has only four options. Baking, smoking, salad and or prey for larger fish. However, you want to enjoy those few hours in the bathtub and make it nice. However, this is difficult because, like carp, whiting or bream, you have a bad experience with zander, pike or catfish, so sometimes life in the tub is difficult and some fish try to be invisible :-)

Currently caught in 2020

Catfish 1x

Pike 12x

Pike 6x

Carp 25x

Cejn 28x

Plotice / Bělice 40x

Fishing is fun and relaxing. The very stay by the water is nice and if you have a good feeling from hunting, it is the perfect combination. At Kota 13, we can catch and process fish. Our photo gallery:

You are interested in the topic "DIMENSION 13", you are fishing  and you have your story or stories  - contact us!

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