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If you want to be happy all your life, become a fisherman!

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Fishing is a relaxation, fun, exciting adventure and sport. Originally, the "boy affair" in particular attracted many women who were stuck in a network of eternal expectations, which is accompanied by a lot of joy but also disappointment. Everyone has a different relationship to fishing and everyone has a different kind of experience. Some people like to be alone with the dog as much as possible, some people need "fans" for that, but in my opinion it's best when a good group gets together to make a fire, it's fun and thrown rods are not part of the duties of all the fun. We meet a friend regularly in this way, and sometimes our conversation is interrupted by the sound of beeps and the phrase "you need to pay attention to the fish" is heard. It's time to hunt and sometimes we pull bream, carp, pike or zander. We also think of catfish, but so far he avoids us and only bites us regularly. We handle fish processing perfectly, from salads, baking, grilling to smoking. At the end of this short column, it is necessary to mention the old wisdom "If you want to help the hungry, don't give him a fish, but teach him to catch fish." :-)


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