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Negative image of the BMW brand

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Almost every company strives to strengthen its reputation, ie with its product, development, advertising, PR activities, services, warranty, but also behavior or negotiations with customers or other entities in the market creates a certain impression. All this is linked to the logo that he uses on his products so that everyone can connect the context. Usually, every company strives for a positive attitude so as not to lose customers and strengthen its market share.

I had a positive perception of BMW for a long time until I started working with them. The fact that the return of packaging did not work for them repeatedly and we had nothing to put parts in, despite constant urgencies, could still be understood, but the state in which they handed over the famous SOP project (SOP = start of production alias) contribution under the logo) on the new product was a disaster. Absolutely unresolved, with errors, sluggish, unadjusted assembly, without verified certificates and test rooms, etc. Well, just any garage from Horní Dolní should have done better.

Although they were presented with logical arguments about their mistakes, they were unwilling to admit them and still blamed the Czechs for the consequences. Their arrogant and vain behavior received an overall negative impression. The climax was when they demanded the arrival of the quality at the headquarters, where they locked him in a room about 2 x 2 meters and there he shouted at him for no reason to show their superior strength. After these very bad experiences for me, the image of the BMW brand has dropped to zero, metaphorically only below Trabant. If anyone has a similar experience with BMW, we welcome you to write to us.

Explanation of SOP:

The abbreviation SOP is used in the field of automotive for "Start of Production" and is the most important milestone of the project - it defines the start of serial production. Each new product has a specified production start date so that it can be placed on the market on time and in pre-determined quantities.

According to the start-up curve, the planning that precedes the SOP is a multi-year effort (product development - prototype - planning, pre-series production, etc.) all in order to ensure the basic availability of vehicles with a high degree of quality and accuracy when launching the model.


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