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Who laughs last, laughs...

It was a Sunday similar to today's. The sun was weak, the temperature was slightly above zero, and the wind was blowing here and there. Simply: "March behind the stove I enter" :-) The afternoon ended and the early evening began, so it was 17:00. I was currently at home in an apartment in the town of Písek. The cell phone rang and a woman's voice rang out. "Hi how are you?" I answered, as mostly, to this question "reasonably" and added "who asks?". The answer surprised me "don't you know me? This is Lucie". I thought for a few seconds "um Lucie, Lucie", "I know a couple of women with this name, but I don't have any". It sounded "hello are you there?" I answer "yes" and add "isn't it a mistake? where do we know each other?" there was a laugh and the female voice of the unknown Lucie spoke. I learned, among other things, that I spent the night with her a year after the concert in Český Krumlov. That it took her a lot of work to get me a phone number, and that she was glad to hear me. I listened to her and said somewhat hesitantly, "Okay, what do you need?" She replied, "I need you to meet me at the station." I started laughing again and laughed for a long time. In the end I agreed, I was not far from the station and I said a little walk would not hurt me. A young, small, pretty girl was really standing at the station with her bag, and I began to remember vaguely. She was with me for a week and it was quite nice. Then she left, and I never saw or heard her again. Maybe this post will not accurately describe what was the goal, but I came to the conclusion that the saying "Who laughs last, laughs best" does not apply, but on the contrary, "Who laughs last, laughs last" :-)


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