How it works in night clubs
and what can happen?
How companions work at home who say
that they work as dancers or masseuses?


At the outset, there is an age-old saying that prostitution is one of the oldest crafts. However, let us also start with certain contexts within the conditions of the time. If a woman has committed to prostitution because of the need for basic necessities (drink, food, clothing, roof over her head tak), this can be objectively understood. Nowadays, if we consider prostitution within the Czech Republic, the reason is completely different circumstances than the hopeless social status. The basic motivation for prostitution in the beginning is the assumption of making a relatively large amount of money. This presupposition is usually fulfilled for beginning prostitutes, but it is redeemed by a psychological "change" in their perception of the world. A woman who crosses this imaginary boundary then finds it very difficult to return to normal life and the vast majority of prostitutes end badly. Establishing a normal relationship and achieving a functioning family is almost an unattainable goal for prostitutes. As psychological pressure increases, confused and extreme steps grow. Absolutely pointless investment, ie spending, means that the money earned is gone quickly. The vast majority of prostitutes are completely committed to alcohol, drugs and more than gambling. It is simply necessary to compensate for the hours, days, weeks and months spent in "work" with something that will help you forget or think about something else, and this will lead many prostitutes to a cyclical process that cannot be left out. Yippee  It is also necessary to mention that prostitution carries considerable risks, especially health risks. It can be said with almost certainty that after two or three years in prostitution, every woman has experienced at least one illness or health problem associated with this "work". Last but not least, prostitution also has an increased risk of violence in connection with the environment of this profession, but this is mainly related to the level and conditions where prostitution is practiced. It is quite easy to understand, the strictest is the street, the safest is the nightclub.  Medical care and regular mandatory check-ups in large and prosperous nightclubs are often provided for prostitutes better than in the normal world. Thus, the visitor does not have to worry about infection.

One of the benefits of prostitution is the practice of a father or both parents buying a prostitute for their son to know the reality of the sexual act. This could be seen as a wise decision with some oversight, because it can positively break down certain life-threatening psychological blocks in a man. But as usual, everything is relative and very harmful to everything. When "good" company meets in a nightclub, it can be a lot of fun and it's very contagious! The world in a nightclub can completely change anyone's life. In good company, prostitutes are happy. Drinks, fun, music, etc. Prostitutes are happy you are good sex can be at any time and fun can continue. In a nightclub, you get to an environment where completely different rules apply than in the normal world. It can be very dangerous for you and you can get some kind of addiction to it. Everything is great, everyone loves you and it's fun. The more stressful you are in the real world, the better you will be in this virtual world. You can very quickly succumb to the fact that the real and right life is in a nightclub, drinking alcohol, prostitutes and drugs. If you are a man who, for whatever reason, has a real fear that he may die every day, then spending time regularly in a nightclub is perfectly understandable. However, it is necessary to constantly realize that prostitutes are at work, so they would be there even if you were not there and you pay for everything. To some extent, this is a paid illusion, but it can be so strong that it will engulf you and everything else that a normal everyday life has to offer will seem boring and silly.

Some basic lessons

-   (club staff: managers, bartenders, security) The manager in the night club is usually a man and takes care of guest satisfaction. So they usually ask you if you have any wishes. They are strange people and prostitutes prevent them because they can have a profound effect on their earnings. When a prostitute gets along with a manager, she has more clients and therefore more money. More than one nightclub manager is also a progressive drug dealer. The bartender has a similar function in this regard, but to some extent greater options. It is often directly connected to guests and can affect many things in combination with alcohol. A woman can also be a bartender and a manager, but her work in a nightclub is often quite demanding, because as usual, what guests can't have, they want the most and she is often exposed to intense offers from drunken guests.  So the security of the club is always decent and basically it is necessary to follow the basic rules. They will not let you in with a weapon (you will be checked with a detector) and you must not behave aggressively in a drunken or otherwise socially unacceptable state when they let you in. Sometimes admission is paid.

-   There are rules for prostitutes. Never want a whore or whores always want a girl or girls. It is forbidden to kiss or kiss, especially outside the room, such as at the bar, etc. This rule is of course not strictly observed, but it depends on the atmosphere and circumstances, in any case, prostitutes for a kiss can get a fine from the management of the nightclub. A condom in contact with the room is a matter of course.

-   The management and owners of the nightclub are "completely" normal people living a normal life. They understand prostitutes as a means of production and strictly control the operation, because there is a lot of fraud on the part of staff and prostitutes. Given that this business is in many ways on the brink of the law, everything is covered in the veil of massage parlors, bars with companions, ie with women who keep you company at the bar, and it is also common practice for girls to rent rooms, so what's going on. the room does not concern the club, it only collects.

-   Nightclub taxi drivers are even more special people than taxi drivers are normally. They consistently guard their stepladder and allow "foreign" taxi drivers to bring the guest as much as possible. They will definitely take you for a decent price and without a problem. They know a lot about the nightclub because they carry guests, staff, management and prostitutes. More than one taxi driver is also involved in replenishing prostitutes, ie bringing new girls into the nightclub's work process.













Prostitutes in general
Little cleverness meets beauty and vice versa. Prostitutes are nice and interesting women. After all, how else it should be - the nicer and more interesting the more rooms and the more money. Usually, the knowledge of prostitutes and language skills are part of the knowledge. They are used to traveling and can quickly establish themselves in any society. The more they know about it, the more they gain natural intelligence. He will soon learn to "play any theater" that the client will reflect. As a result, however, it is necessary to perceive what has already been said. Personality bifurcation leads to strong psychological pressure. Outside the nightclub, apart from "work", prostitutes are pretty, but more than ordinary, mostly stupid girls. Of course, the exception confirms the rule, and a college student has often become a prostitute, but that's a slightly different story. According to certain statistics, which is based on real data. In the 10 years of running a nightclub, more than 300 prostitutes have been in operation, of which only two have achieved what is often the incentive for many girls to start doing "prostitute" work. They earned money, saved money and when they had enough "work" they left the prostitutes and then started a business (hairdressing, cosmetics, bar…) and prospered. You may be wondering how much a prostitute earns. This is a very difficult question, because a lot depends on where it "works" and how "smart" it is. However, in a prosperous, "decent" nightclub, he easily earns 5,000 a night. Sometimes she has to sleep and sometimes she has to rest, but a "capable" prostitute earns 100,000 a month, - of course she doesn't give it…
Everything is actually based on lies and deception, and only if you accept this fact and understand everything with a certain perspective can you have a relatively pleasant party. In the end, no prostitute or staff will take your speech too seriously. You can think of what you want, you will reap the admiration and enthusiastic smiles that your throat craves. The main thing is when you pay and leave in the morning in peace. They will always look forward to such a guest in a nightclub, you will be welcome and sometimes you will get a bonus. With regard to sex with a prostitute, you don't have to think about her satisfaction in any way. Fake arousal and orgasms are a matter of course. You can "do" whatever you want, but you will only achieve that you will be a problematic client, otherwise it doesn't matter. The only goal of a prostitute in "work" is to quickly satisfy you, take a shower, brush your teeth, adjust your make-up and hairstyle, smell and go hunting for another client.


Czech prostitutes work in foreign nightclubs as well as in Germany, but a popular "destination" is also London, Paris, but also Slovakia, Italy and Turkey. The prostitute travels abroad on the basis of two main motivations. Either she finds a tempting advertisement on the Internet or in a newspaper, or she entices her colleagues to "work" to go there and there, because it will be great. earned in the Czech Republic, but there are also higher costs abroad and there are often various dangers. When we think of the worst, such as violence or robbery, fraud is a common danger. A foreign environment with imperfect language skills is problematic in itself, but the most common disappointment is a connection with an intermediary agency or person. Here and there it happens that the girl is a month in the "work process" has a room where clients go. You can go for a walk and buy a little something to eat from a small pantry. He is to receive money for his services only at the end of the "internship". In the end, she will get, for example, only a third or even less, and sometimes also nothing, and she will have to deal with the resources in order to be able to return to the Czech Republic at all. It is sad, but understandable, the prostitute, given the subject of her activity and in a foreign environment, can not complain anywhere.
Travel abroad also includes nightclub escort services. You can rent a prostitute in agreement with her and the club, for example, for a week and fly to the sea with her. You can bypass the club and agree only with the prostitute. Basically, only the prostitute risks going around the club and you save.
  However, it is a bit of a problematic "fun" anyway, apart from how much it will cost you, you also run the risk that the young lady will run here and there during your stay and earn extra money. If you do not intend to be with your holiday companion 24 hours a day, it is just the girl herself in a swimsuit on the beach or in a dress at the bar. In this regard, it is probably better to invite a prostitute to dinner and rent a room in a guesthouse or hotel. It's cheaper and it can be no problem. 
Regarding the paragraph on foreign countries, it is necessary to mention that foreigners also "work" in domestic nightclubs, both from the East, for example, Ukrainians, and from Nigeria or Brazil. Just like exotics… To these foreign prostitutes "working" in the Czech Republic, it should be noted that they have a certain increased responsibility and decency and often earn money to feed their families and send most of the money home.

Relationship with a prostitute
Many nightclub clients go to one particular prostitute. He brings her presents and gives her money sideways. It's a kind of relationship beyond friendship, but it has little to do with love. Trying to get a prostitute to stop being a prostitute is almost in vain. Many men tried to tie the prostitute with money to give up the "work" and live with him. Prostitutes are, however, "voracious" and as soon as they stop fulfilling their ideas, they immediately return to "work" again in the nightclub. Only reconciliation with reality can lead to a working relationship where you have a living, yet virtual companion for a limited time. Many prostitutes have a relationship and live a double life, where they hide from their partner what they do and where they work and mask their departures with various lies about working abroad, etc. Of course, the truth will sooner or later manifest itself and then very conflict situations arise. It is also necessary to mention that there are also relationships and families where the man is familiar with what his partner or wife does and the "work" of the prostitute, so he really provides for the breadwinner of the partner or husband and family. It doesn't make much sense to mention that this model has a very "complicated" effect if there is also a child or children in the game. Surely everyone can imagine how sad it is when a father says to his child or children, "the mother will leave for a fortnight and then return" and the mother will leave to "work" as a prostitute. Children are receptive and as they grow and see how it goes elsewhere they slowly begin to suspect and eventually understand. The truth about the mother's "work" will of course affect the child's psyche for life.

In conclusion, only a simple statement can be added. If there were no clients, there would be no prostitutes, and if there were no prostitutes, there would be no nightclubs, so brothels that look like bars. In fact, when it has its rules, everything is based on voluntariness, there is no violence or blackmail, so it can be taken as a natural part of the world around us. The only thing to note is the obvious fact that prostitution should be taxed. Everyone is subject to tax and more than enough money flows into prostitution.


Author's note: Perhaps the reader of this article is asking himself "Where did the author get the information and why does he claim it all?" OK I understand. So I'll try to answer. It's not read, it's from practice. I worked for a nightclub as an IT for 10 years. I solved various PC problems,  internet, speakers, camera connections, etc., etc. I was just in a "brothel" sometimes 3 times a week and I was one of the few who took the money instead of carrying it there. I experienced many unwanted and unwilling parties and got to know the world of a big, prosperous nightclub. I got along best with the bartender and I rarely left sober :-) I met many foreign and domestic celebrities, businessmen, mobsters, but also normal men (officials, craftsmen, firefighters, etc.), who just came to have fun because they had little at home. I experienced many "stories" and heard a lot from guests and prostitutes. That's all - nothing more, nothing less…

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