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Rájov is a village, part of the village Zlatá Koruna in the district Český Krumlov. The first written mention of the village of Rájov dates from 1316. Road III passes through Rájov. class number 1596 and there are 71 addresses registered here. In 2011, 172 inhabitants were registered in Rájov, so let's assume that today it will be 2 more. Wikipedia's monuments and the homesteads No. 22 and 29 are listed as the sights of Paradise.

The geographical coordinates for Rájov are 48 ° 50′47 ″ N, 14 ° 21′53 ″ E - the helicopter landing is feasible on adjacent fields. Otherwise, you can get to Rájov by bus from České Budějovice to the Rájov Zlatá Koruna stop, and after about a 4-minute walk from the stop to Rájov. The journey from České Budějovice takes 26 minutes. You can also get to the same stop (only on the opposite side of the road) from Český Krumlov, the journey takes 20 minutes. You can also get to Rájov by train, but you have to get off at the Zlatá Koruna station, which has the advantage of being able to visit several restaurants, but you can't avoid a walk of more than 1 kilometer. By car, you can get to Rájov from both sides comfortably on road 39 with a turn to road number 1596 to Rájov and Zlatá Koruna. Road 39 is a Czech 1st class road in the South Bohemian Region. It is 71,985 km long and connects the area of České Budějovice with Český Krumlov and remote areas of Šumava.

In Rájov there is one restaurant with accommodation, one guest house,
one snack and one farm. Rájov is surrounded by the Vltava River, where you can watch paddlers who triumphantly ride the last section of their pilgrimage, which ends in Zlatá Koruna. In Rájov it is very beautiful to go there for mushrooms and excellent smoked ones grow there and the Klobásovník tree sometimes gives birth to excellent sausages 20 times a year. It's cold in Rájov in the winter, but if you have a shot in the boiler room, you don't even know it. Vegetables grow well in Rájov and are pleasant to fish.

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