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PARTNER - When two people do the same thing it's not the same…

Think carefully about whether you want to have a partner in your business plan. In 2015, I conceived the idea of opening and running a bar. I had extensive experience as a customer, but I never served or dealt with anything related to running a business with a similar focus.
The basic problem was finance, so the start-up capital. That's why, after much thought, I approached a friend 20 years older, who, among other things, had extensive experience, because he had previously run 3 restaurants.
I had for a long time looked out the space for rent, where previously the bar was so no extensive adjustments were needed and also was in a very convenient location outside the city with good access for all. So it was the perfect place to organize various events that could disturb someone in the city.
I agreed with a friend paid with the rent and goods, I carried out a thorough cleaning and a small interior design. During the week, everything was ready to start and one Saturday in May we made a grand opening. I appealed to all my friends and acquaintances and I also promoted the nearby friendly bars and restaurants.
The start was good and I had a bit of a foggy mind and didn't care much about finances. Gradually, however, the whole matter got into a vicious circle, because the partner had a diametrically different idea of how the company worked. When he was gone, everything worked flawlessly. When he was present, the atmosphere changed by 100%. 90% of them always sat at the bar closest to the television and consumed various dishes and delicacies in a continuous chain (I note that we did not cook) and watched television. People started asking me who it was and usually left after the first beer. Whoever understands this must have experienced something similar. It's not a competition, but I'm convinced that if you make a living room in your own business, you look worse than a drunken bartender. Everyone just feels when they arrive that they have had accidents and that they are canceling.
However, I have the worst "experience" when my partner started helping with the service. Without any need to ridicule in this regard, I must point out that his more than obese figure, combined with poor spatial orientation and memory caused, among other things, by age, was completely incompatible for the two in the small space behind the bar. Regardless, everyone who has ever served knows very well how terrible it is when you have a layout, for example, now I spin three beers, then I issue lemonade and then I pour two shots, turn it over and dispense those beers, I write it down and process it. When anyone comes in to help you and starts pouring the shots, for example, it's no exaggeration to kill
Bottom line, if no business plan comes out, there's no point in making any excuses that not everyone else is to blame. I admit my share of guilt, but I realize that if I happen to have any desire and opportunity to open a business in the sense of a bar or pub, I will certainly do my best to have full control over everything about the operation. I can only introduce an investor to a passive person or a bank, just someone who will want money every month and will not be interested in what I do and how I do it.
With this article, I want to express my advice to everyone to think carefully about who they are going to do. A partner or business partner may seem like an important support for your intention at first, but if your intention cannot be realized according to your concept, you will be left with only sadness and anger in case of failure, because you will for a long time feel like it may not have turned out that way. if...

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