Elections 2021

    Elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic held on 8.10. - 9.10.2021

He ended the election, with people choosing from 5,000 candidates from 22 parties and movements.  Turnout was 65.43%, which is enough
the lowest 58% was in 2002 and the highest 76% in 1996.
Not that these elections were super-special, but something happened. The Communists (KSČM) and
Social Democrats (CSSD). It is especially important to realize that the Communists did not get into the Chamber of Deputies for the first time since the party was founded in 1921 :-)
Otherwise, everything is the same. The Czech version of the game of thrones is still here. New parties and movements are emerging and society is divided. The balance of power in the House will inevitably lead to repeated cases, and a few defectors or so-called non-partisans are enough, and early elections are here. Too bad the votes that voters distributed to small and new parties and movements.
It would be nice if ambitious leaders who, based on their belief that they knew everything better, realized that strength lies in unity and alliance. And so smaller and larger leaders follow the rule "why will I try to change any of the
established national parties and build my career there in a complicated way, when I can start my own party "
or "when I get angry out of a party and start a new party."
Before the elections of 2021, under the pressure of the unruly power of Andrej Babiš, there was a certain unification in the form of a coalition Together. However, the question remains how it will work and whether it is too late.
The conclusion of this consideration should also be mentioned as speculation that money may also be the target of participation in elections. Although not a big, but handy campaign can be done for hundreds of thousands, and if you fool a few hundred people who will work for you for free, you will be able to exceed the 1.5% and millions of the state contribution are at home. The advantage is that if you do not reach 5%, you do not bear any responsibility. Just nothing bad happened and you can fly somewhere warm :-)

A political party, political movement or coalition that won at least 1.5% of the Chamber of Deputies
of the total number of valid votes, CZK 100 will be paid from the state budget for each vote cast (Section 85 of Act No.
247/1995 Coll., On elections to the Parliament of the Czech Republic).

Election results 2021

27.79% (71 seats, gain 1,493,905 votes)

YES 2011
27.12% (72 seats, gain 1,458,140 votes)

15.62% (37 seats, gain 839,776 votes)

Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD)
9.56% (20 seats, gain 513,910 votes)

0 seats

Oath - Robert Šlachta's civic movement
4.68% (gain 251,562 votes)

Czech Social Democratic Party
4.65% (gain 250,397 votes)

Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
3.60% (gain 193,817 votes)

Tricolor Free Privates
2.76% (gain 148,463 votes)

0 mandates / 0, - state contribution

FREE block
1.33% (71,587 votes)

Green party
0.99% (53,343 votes)

We will open the Czechia to normal life
0.40% (21,804 votes)

Swiss Democracy (www.svycarska-demokracie.cz)
0.31% (16,823 votes)

0.26% (14,285 votes)

Alliance for the future
0.21% (11,531 votes)

Czech Koruna (Monarchist Party of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia)
0.16% (8,635 votes)

Movement Sources
0.15% (8,599 votes)

Urza.cz: Nechc. your hl .; to freedom. cannot be called. Rejected. each pour. funk. We're going the other way - find. her on urza.cz
0.12% (6,775 votes)

0.09% (5,167 votes)

0.06% (3,698 votes)

Moravian Land Movement
0.03% (1,648 votes)

0.01% (639 votes)

0.01% (586 votes)


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