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A special experience at a demonstration for a killed journalist Kuciak
The classic joy experience is standardly associated with a trip, sports performance or gourmet. Special is the emotional experience, which is positively shared by the crowd.

This is four years since a sad event took place in Slovakia on 21 February 2018, when they both insidiously murdered investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová, who were 27 years old. It was the cold-blooded murder that shook the general public and sparked a wave of belonging, with demonstrations taking place in individual cities to support sad parents to show their condolences, but also to put pressure on the police and politicians to investigate.

At the time, there was a fear that if left unanswered, it would "sweep under the rug." The crowd carried a banner in the center with a photo of the victims, and despite the cold weather, touching speeches were read from the stage. Sadness was mixed with emotion, a desire for justice and an effort to build a decent Slovakia.

The participation in the crowd was emotionally strong, as solidarity and sadness were felt en masse, he shared the same opinion with commentators on the podium and agreed with various banners, where, for example, then-Prime Minister Fico was portrayed in prison. When the Slovak anthem was played, many people started singing, candles were lit and gradually people brought them to the photo of the killed heroes. Feelings could be compared to the demonstrations we experienced in November 1989.
Yes, it is a special type of experience, but it was so strong that it remained long ingrained by many people. We have been fortunate enough to be there, to experience it as well, and therefore to remember today the needlessly wasted lives of young people. It is sad how far the revenge of the powerful can go. In addition, journalist Kuciak was, according to people who knew him personally, a very educated, modest friend with a sense of justice. His desire to expose the criminal behavior of the oligarchs and the unfair practices of the mobsters became fatal to him.

A series of articles revealing Marian Kočner's manipulative business activities was followed by a threatening phone call, but even that did not deter him. On the contrary, he confirmed that he was doing the right thing and gained additional motivation to search. By pointing out criminal activities involving politicians and people from the police, courts or various public institutions, he de facto made the actors in the background nervous. According to the investigation, the accusation fell on both the killer and his accomplices, including the client and the mediator. Some are already convicted, others are awaiting trial. Although fellow journalists, parents of killed children and others from the general public are convinced that the controversial businessman Kočner is behind it all, it has not yet been officially proven. Time will tell how the whole case will turn out.




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