- Watch your wishes - they can come true for you. Sometimes you just want something that you can't guess correctly in all the consequences of what happens when it happens. Misfortune can then arise from positive desire. Therefore, you need to be careful what you want.

- Whoever listens to a stranger's head to his own asshole. What else to say :-)? The views of the people around each of us should be perceived, but the decision you make should always be fully aware of you that it is your will, because only you will be responsible for it.

- The biggest waste of time is looking at the clock. It is always better to create some activity then time passes better.  

- Yes, there's still something going on since it's history. A funny answer to the common question "how are you, is something going on?" When you are not in the mood or need to explain something to the questioning person.

- It rains twice in the woods.  You can hide from the rain under the trees and thus save a few drops, but when the rain stops, water from leaves or needles still falls under the trees.

- To beat or not to beat and to be or not to be.  It is not about the Czech language or the tragedy of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Often the main thing is that one considers not to be, but if one finds the strength to beat, one would want to be. Forgive and not be right sometimes you have to fight.

- Make it nice, nice… So we all calm down… These are two important messages that sound very simple, but used at the right time and in the right place can reach significance. 
The art of doing things nice even in bad times and inhospitable environments can have a major impact on the psyche. Example: simply, whatever the situation is, we can cut the salami on a plate and pour a drink into a glass - it will definitely give us a better feeling than biting the salami and drinking from a bottle - we will just make it nice.
Sometimes we can get to where
  society is in conflict or in "too much cheerfulness". The right person in a given company, if he declares with foresight, calmness and fun "so we will all calm down" can change the atmosphere in the given company for the better.

- Wisdom means consciousness of context.
This quote is absolutely essential in perhaps all areas of human life. Any education without perception and understanding of context does not bring wisdom.

- Why does the bread fall to the ground with a greased side?  It's a "law of approval" and maybe a little gravity. However, some lessons can be learned. If you do, always count on the worst to avoid disappointment.

- He preaches water and drinks wine.  This saying has nothing in common with water, and wine is used primarily in connection with hypocrisy. As we are witnessing today, many politicians are pushing for something but not following it themselves. This is a very important clue in many industries. Preaching was certainly meant in church services, where the priest preached against something he was doing. Today, we encounter much more when artists, especially singers, preach with their work, but in their privacy they often live in the opposite opposite.

- Whoever digs another pit falls into it himself. Or, also: he who sucks the wind reaps the storms. What else to say? It does not pay to cause evil and do injustice, and in the end no one escapes punishment. However, justice is sometimes waited for a long time and the judiciary is blind so that it can be "impartial", but the worst thing about it is that some injustices cannot do anything for you and no one will raise the dead.  

He who follows the sun leaves behind a shadow. Career is important, but the question is how it is achieved. When you want to reach any peak it is important what or whom you are willing to sacrifice for your goal. The price for your success should be your ability and intellect, not the misfortune of those who help you or stand in your way. Being the best and not hurting is the most valuable thing and only in this way will you achieve the well-deserved fame, peace and security.


Nothing is nothing. Mathematically, nothing is used as 0 (zero), which is more than - (minus) but less than + (plus) and therefore 0 (zero) means nothing. Nothing is nothing has no pros or cons. The statement "I have nothing at all" is useless, it is enough to say "I have nothing", because there is no need to emphasize anything.
However, nothing is an insignificant term. Nothing is the basis for the birth and functioning of all major religions. Only the fear of nothingness, then, that after death nothing will be made possible and allows power and strength to churches and religious organizations and sects. This in no way calls into question faith, because "believe and your faith will heal you," but nothing can be ruled out.
In practice, nothing is used in various areas of human life.
Where there is nothing even death does not take. We know a proverb explaining that there is nothing to take where there is nothing. This corresponds a bit to the fact that those who have nothing often live a better quality of life than those who have something and live only to have more or not to lose something.
"So what?" - "Nothing." - "Then go down."
"What's going on?" - "Nothing."
  Inaccurate, because something is still happening, but in common parlance it is used mainly to calm the respondent.
The art of saying nothing is a basic condition for a political career. The better a politician masters the art of saying nothing, the better his position is. For this statement, it is necessary to write and understand that the increasing level in the art of saying nothing is not to say little, etc., but to make what you say looks with maximum persuasiveness by saying something, but as a result, to say nothing.
Nothing is an important service and organization within the Czech Internet, but it is nothing like nothing but NIC abbreviation from nickname from English, so in Czech nickname, name. The main activities of the association are the operation of the register of domain names registered under the CZ domain, ensuring the operation of the .CZ top-level domain and education in the field of domain names.

What more to write - nothing yet :-)


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