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POMLUVA or  "Do hell well, hell will reward you" ...

Always  people who misjudge you and who deceive, betray, and slander you when you least expect it can enter your life. I generally accept the rule that if someone harms someone in order to gain some of it at the expense of the person they slander, it is sad, but at least it can be understood, because that is the goal of gaining something. If, however, someone harms someone without any benefit, then only for some personal satisfaction, I understand it as pure perversion and misery. 
If you are interested in my introduction, read on, but first try to put yourself in the situation in which I was in the period I want to write about.
I was a co-owner of a guest house and restaurant. So I had accommodation options, quality cuisine and a bar. Part of the area was also a large pergola with a fireplace, so even outside you could organize very pleasant events. Normal operation went smoothly and customers left and left satisfied.
With these opportunities that one gets, there are also a number of different offers and a circle of friends and acquaintances. So we go to the specific situations that have happened and it is entirely up to you how you assess them. I also accept in advance the opinion that "stupidity pays", ie that I am the only one to blame for my naivety and stupidity.

A friend with whom I had a brief relationship in the past asked me for help for her sister. She needed accommodation for herself and her baby, a three-year-old boy. I had brief information about a certain anti-social behavior of her sister, because her dog had been confiscated some time ago because she could not take care of him and endangered the neighbors where she lived. After a short thought, I succumbed to my friend's requests, among other things, because, it happened before the season, so there was free accommodation capacity. So I accommodated her sister with my son and  I also allowed her to eat and drink on debt. This whole anabase lasted almost a month. I admit that I counted a little on her help with the operation, especially cleaning. However, her approach was completely unproductive and it often happened that she left and we looked after her son. Overall, the situation gradually became unbearable and so I had to say goodbye to it. I didn't take the promise to pay the debt, which amounted to a maximum discount of 10,000, too seriously, and in truth, I was especially happy when she left.  
After a few weeks, I learned that just as she could not take care of her dog, which ended up in a shelter, a court decision took her child away and she was placed in foster care.
Subsequently, I learned that she was able to talk about me in a fundamentally negative way, and she even mentioned that I had kicked her out because she didn't want to sleep with me.
What else to say. I admit that I was really surprised and thought about how to react to all this. In the end, I chose the only way I chose, and that was that I did nothing at all. Over time, everything fell silent and I was left with the lesson that there is no point in helping people who cannot be helped.

In fact, it's all my pause over how it is possible that people who should "kneel and pray" for their actions have the power to slander and harm everyone else.

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