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Ing. et Ing. Bc. Jaroslav Vehrle
Resslova 17, 37004 České Budějovice

Company ID: 48225576

Organizing training, workshops and lectures on topics from business economics and management, specializing in logistics, purchasing, inventory management, lean, warehouse optimization and process or project management.

jaroslav Vehrle
Jaroslav Vehrle

I first graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the UWB in Pilsen, then from the Faculty of Business and Economics at the CULS in Prague and completed the exams and the theoretical dissertation platform at the Faculty of Economics at the UWB in Pilsen. My diploma thesis was nominated for the national competition of Siemens and was evaluated in the TOP 70. I also graduated with a postgraduate MBA with a specialization in logistics and LIGS University, Hawaii, USA - Leadership Innovation Growth Success, and my diploma thesis was on Heuristic Method Linear dynamic deterministic logistics management. I have collaborated on research and testing empirical methods in purchasing and logistics for a variety of industries, including academia, with Cranfield University in Shrivenham and Arkansas, USA. I applied practical projects in the field of logistics and purchasing, proposed a systematic management of material flow, its parameterization, adequate processes and empirical tools with convergence to optimize. I use a heuristic combination of MRP, ERP, EOQ, POQ, ROP, APN, QCT, ABC, SHO, JIT, JIC, Kanban, KPIs, Regression, Bases and a set of statistical calculations in order to achieve a comprehensive solution for balance matching purchasing, planning, logistics , warehouses, production, sales and shipping. So far, I have worked mainly in engineering companies such as ČZ Strakonice as, Motor Jikov as, Vari Honda as, Kovosvit MAS as, ENGEL GmbH, Jitona as, IKEA Ltd., Škoda electric as, KraussMaffei Technologies, sro and Hella Autotechnik sro, where I he gradually devoted himself to purchasing, disposition, production planning and management, logistics, warehouse optimization, transport and reengineering. Due to my specialization in logistics and purchasing, I have worked on a number of external projects for Škoda Auto as, Rhode Schwarz GmbH, Lighting Automotive as, HP Pelzer as, Witte Automotive, as, Caterpilar PVT Ltd., Hitachi CO. etc. In addition, I also worked for over two years on a logistics project in Asia.



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