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Jim Clark revival 2019

In addition to traveling, motorsports are also popular experiences,
and so we bring you a report on one of the events where enthusiasts could enjoy a race weekend on the Hockenheim track in Germany.

Jim (Jimmy) Clark was a Scottish car racer, Formula One driver, two-time 1963 and 1965 World Champion and Indianapolis 500 mile winner. He was the best driver of his generation and is ranked among the greatest Formula 1 greats by both the lay and professional public. During his relatively short but successful career, he set a number of records, some of which have not yet been broken.

With the prospect of a third title, Jim Clark entered the 1968 season. He won the opening race in South Africa. With this triumph, (25 victories) in his career, he surpassed the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio in the number of victories. During the break between the African and Spanish Grand Prix, Jim and Graham Hill were to start in a busy Formula 2 race in Hockenheim, Germany. In the fifth lap of the first race, Clark crashed on an extremely fast track due to a flat tire and crashed into a tree. He suffered severe head and cervical spine injuries in the accident, which he succumbed to before arriving at the hospital.

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