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Lenka shares PFN

- I remember how I slept everywhere, he left you in the apartment and paid everything, even if you were there with Jiří… I remember when in major problems  flew to Mexico.  I remember how long I employed you, even if it didn't make sense how long you were  she had a car etc ...
- I remember how it was with the business in cooperation with Jiří, how you kept apologizing for him and how we constantly had to defend something that is clear to those who understand it. That's why everything went down and I got into a much worse situation than if I hadn't gone at all.
- I remember when I handed you the shares, I told you it was the last thing I had and that I was going to get together and you would draw dividends for now. It never occurred to me that you would sell my life for 200,000, - ... I would have done it differently.
- I have terrible things behind me and I have nowhere to retreat. I will not pay the one who cheated on me and I have to pay elsewhere to save what is going on. I would spare you, but you have an indelible part of it all, so I want you to solve one thing.

I know and remember a lot MORE!


Lenko  Thinking about what you did is important! That is why I am preparing an article by Lenka PFN shares.

Lenka akcie PFN - stop dál už nesmíš!
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