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  • Mariupol - the last fight!

    Since the first days of the invasion of Ukraine, the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol has been severely tested. Even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the main Ukrainian port of Mariupol was a troubled place. Yet this industrial center pulsated with life. The city had several music schools, a museum of local history, the Kuindji Gallery (Archip Ivanovich Kuindji was a Ukrainian painter of Greek descent who devoted himself mainly to landscape painting) and the Russian City Theater. In addition to many Orthodox churches, the city also had a mosque and an old synagogue. Mariupol was home to the Ukrainian football club FK Mariupol and the successful basketball club BK Azovmash Mariupol. The city had two large metallurgical plants and the largest engineering plant in the country Azovmash. There was also a chemical industry, shipyards and other businesses. Mariopol's transport infrastructure included shipping, railways, the international airport and, in addition to buses and coaches (shared taxis that run on a scheduled route, but at irregular intervals - departing when busy), trams and trolleybuses. Mariupol is located on the E58 international road leading from Central Europe via Odessa, Berdyansk, Mariupol and Taganrog to Rostov-on-Don. Thanks to two large factories in the city, the local air deteriorated and the sea coast lost its former freshness and beauty, so Mariupol was not considered a tourist town. However, this did not prevent many tourists from visiting the city and spending summer holidays by the sea. The best sandy beaches of Mariupol are located outside the city and the locals have always been able to advise where to go. Since the end of the 20th century, when the population of Mariupol exceeded half a million, the population has been declining slightly. Nevertheless, before the war, there were almost 500,000 people living in Mariupol - Ukrainians, Russians, Greeks, Belarusians, Armenians, Jews and Bulgarians. We have intentionally written this paragraph in the past, because it is very likely that many of the above no longer exist. In order not to make a mistake, the frequent word Azov appearing in the names has nothing to do with the Azov battalion, but on the contrary, the Special Deployment Section of the National Guard of Ukraine Azov has its name derived from the Azov Sea, which is considered part of the Black Sea. strait. It lies between Crimea (in the southwest), southern Ukraine (in the north) and Russian Cubans (in the east). Industry, port, location all this and much more was the reason why Mariupol became a major strategic target for Russian and pro-Russian forces. The Battle of Mariupol was preceded by artillery bombing of the city by Russian forces. The Russian Navy also launched an amphibious assault on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov west of Mariupol, creating a bridgehead and training thousands of Russian Marines. The artillery bombing continued, and in addition to Ukrainian men, women and children, Greek and Russian civilians living in Mariupol were also dying. The Russian shelling did not escape either the six-year-old girl or the dogs and their old mistress ... Any ceasefire agreements to evacuate civilians have regularly failed. At the beginning of March, after three days of intense shelling, an armistice was announced, which was to last 5 hours. Civilians then began to evacuate from Mariupol through a humanitarian corridor to the city of Zaporizhia. However, when civilians entered the evacuation corridor, the Russian army continued to shell and the evacuation was quickly brought into chaos and the evacuees were forced to return. During March, the city of Mariupol is collapsing, there is no electricity, no water, no food. Nevertheless, Ukrainian soldiers, especially the Azov Regiment, heroically defend themselves against Russian forces and wage infernal battles. On March 11, 2022, Father Paul, a Greek Catholic priest from Mariupol, declared "Mariupol is like Armageddon, it's hell. Tell the world it's a tragedy. The Russians are shooting at us at random, the whole city is one big battlefield ..." According to the Kremlin, a special military mission in Ukraine is trying to save Mariupol, among other things, but it is quite demonstrable that the Russian army did not come to "liberate" Mariupol, but to erase it from the earth's surface and its inhabitants. The occupiers forcibly transport Ukrainians to Russia, and the use of Russian chemical weapons is also speculated. News from Mariupol reports on the brutal behavior of Russian soldiers - people burned alive, raped and killed women and children. April 2022 in the besieged city of Mariupol, the last major battle for the Azovstal industrial plant takes place, where the center of the special deployment of the National Guard of Ukraine Azov is located. Azovstal Metallurgical Combine is one of the largest steel rolling companies in Ukraine. On April 13, 2022, Ukrainian soldiers of the 36th Marine Brigade, who found themselves surrounded by Russians in Mariupol, managed to break through and unite with the Azov Regiment. If the Russians occupied the Azovstal industrial plant, they would have full control over Mariupol, Ukraine's main port. There are still more than 100,000 civilians in the city. The infantry was destroyed and Mariupol is also defended by drivers, cooks, and even orchestra members. Independent estimates of the victims of Russia's relentless bombing are not available, Russian bombs are falling everywhere and hospitals and theater are inevitable. Preliminary estimates so far refer to 22,000 civilian deaths in Mariupol.

  • Homemade ham - the perfect recipe!

    Making homemade ham will not only increase your prestige, but the ham you make will be incomparable in taste and composition with the one you bought. Homemade ham does not have a long shelf life, because it does not contain any preservatives, but since it is excellent, it will definitely not stay in your refrigerator for a few days. Ham hammer You have to buy a ham machine first. You will pay around CZK 2,000 for it. The hammer or butcher mold is used for the production and cooking of homemade ham and is essential for the proper implementation of your "ham event". You can buy aluminum, stainless steel and plastic hammers. We do not recommend cheap hams, which are equipped with only one weak spring. The spring pressure is too weak and the ham breaks up very often. The right hams have strong springs and are massive, so the springs have perfect pressure on the meat. The advantage of smaller hams is that due to their small height, you do not need a large pot to cook. He also recommends buying a thermometer, because the right temperature in the pot is important for making ham. You can buy a thermometer up to CZK 500 without any problems. These investments will definitely pay off and the result of your work will bring you joy. We bought everything prepared pot and ingredients: 1 kg of pork leg, 10 g of salt, 10 g of Praganda, 1 tablespoon of honey, 100 ml of water. If for any reason you do not like honey you can give a teaspoon of sugar instead of honey, but if you do, always only powdered sugar. However, please note that honey ham is a great treat. You can also prepare some garlic, thyme or almonds (whole) according to your taste. Who likes hot sprinkles chili. Everything appropriately, according to your taste. Of course you can spice, but you don't have to. So cheers - let the work succeed! Keep the meat undercooked at the beginning. We clean the pork leg from easily accessible membranes, we do not have to remove everything. Cut the meat into pieces like a goulash (edge ​​length approx. 2 cm), cut a few pieces into tiny pieces, add salt and Praganda and it is best to work through everything with your hands so that the protein begins to be excreted. Add honey and spices and continue mixing. We gradually add water. The secreted protein looks like a light pink porridge and will be the binder that will hold the ham together. Put the meat in a plastic bag and let it rest in the fridge for one day, then take it out, mix it again, put it in the mold (hammer), tighten it properly and put it in the fridge for one day again. We will prepare a pot with heated water and place the filled hammer in it. The mold should be sunk to a height where the meat reaches, but the hot water must not flow inside. If you have a gas stove under the pot with water, put a cast iron plate on the flame. This spreads the temperature throughout the bottom of the pot. Use a thermometer to check the temperature, as the temperature must not exceed 75 ° C. 70 ° C is optimal. Boiling ham harms! We cook our homemade ham for 1.5 hours. At this point it is necessary to remember that as mentioned at the beginning, everything is standardized and timed per 1 kg of meat. Then let the filled ham cooler. We can exchange the hot water bath for a cold one with ice, which speeds up the process. The process of cooling in water takes 2 hours do not rush. Definitely do not remove the hot ham, there is a risk of it falling apart. Then you take the chilled ham with your ham and put it in the fridge. You could turn the ham over and consume it, but wait and let it rest. The next morning you can convene the family or invite friends and acquaintances. You will slice your homemade ham and we can enjoy it together :-) We consulted and supplemented the recipe with a real expert, chef and farmer Lukáš Štindl from Český Krumlov.


    Do you travel and like to discover places you have not yet known? Are you going on vacation? Do you regularly relax by the ocean waves or get to know ancient monuments? We have advice, tips, ideas and recommendations that can save you time, energy and money. Our travel guide focuses mainly on what not to do and what to look out for. We believe that our article will help you and we wish you many joyful and pleasant experiences on your travels.

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    EXPERIENCES Articles and photos: The first 3D museum in Sungai Lembing Travel, trips abroad, vacations and memories. They can steal your car, wallet, suitcase, etc., but no one will take away your experience! Travelogues, reports, excursions to museums, discovering interesting places and photographs. We have the perfect tips for your experiences. In the Czech Republic you can visit castles, chateaux, their ruins, hiking trails, rocks, abysses, museums, amateur performances, fairs, craft demonstrations, meetings of veterans and selected car brands, exhibitions, experience escape games, cultural and social events organized by the city or municipalities and various other regional practices. These include, for example, blueberry, vintage, wine-harvesting, sausage-harvesting, goulash-harvesting, uniforming, neckyadas or river rafting, simulations of war battles, holding records and competition disciplines, fichtlfest, traktorfest and many other interesting things. We want to bring about them reports that can be passively informative for you or, conversely, they can be used as inspiration for where to go on a trip, either alone, with friends, partner or the whole family, ie to entice enthusiasts who like experiences. We also identify interesting places, events and topics about what is appropriate to inform about, so we always visit the personally chosen destination, take photos, do an interview and process it into a report. Of course, we do not know all the possibilities available during the year, especially those regional specific events, so we welcome when readers write us suggestions about what is happening or what can be seen in their surroundings and we will go there to write about it. . By analogy, it is possible to travel the world and enjoy culturally different experiences, visit interesting places, monuments and local specifics. Again, we visit selected destinations from which we process reports, but readers have the opportunity to write us inspiring options. In addition to what we have already visited, we will bring you a notice of where we are going, including sightseeing expeditions outside Europe. If someone would like to join us, it will be possible. We have many options that can be used and everyone will be able to choose according to what they enjoy. We will also inform you in advance about selected events, ie where, when and what takes place, so you can consider whether it is also a suitable form for experiences with your loved ones or with someone from the local travel community. We look forward to your feedback and active cooperation with the organizers and individuals who will contribute to the development of the experience. Our website can be an integrated information well for experience enthusiasts, and in addition, they interconnect them. We are happy to do media support for individual subjects, so feel free to write suggestions and agree on the next steps. Together, we will spread awareness about specific opportunities for gaining experience. Vote in our POLL and get the opinion of others! We will send you statistics of interim results. Name / nickname E-mail Jaké zážitky vyhledáváte, upřednostňujete? poznávací kulturní gastronomické adrenalinové sportovní relaxnační jiné Co považujete jako nejlepší pro svůj odpočinek a relaxaci? pobyt v přírodě doma v křesle třeba u TV ležení v posteli restaurace, bar, hospoda muzika, koncerty, diskotéka rybaření a jiné koníčky něco jiného Co považujete za nejlepší strávení dovolené stan - chata ČR s CK u moře, poznávací individuálně u moře, poznávací být doma u příbuzných nebo známých jiný Jaké roční období preferujete pro cestování a dovolené? jaro léto podzim zima je mi to jedno Kterou destinaci preferujete na cestování a zážitky? Česká republika Evropa Asie Afrika Amerika Austrálie - Nový Zéland Antarktida Jaký cestovní prostřek je pro Vás nejpříjemnější? auto autobus vlak letadlo loď kolo chůze Přidali byste se, na cestovatelskou reportáž do světa? určitě ano spíše ano možná spíše ne určitě ne Jaké kulturní zážitkové reportáže preferujete? lidové klasické rockové muzikálové ochotnické jiné Post replies N

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